This series is a photo diary taken during the first six months of my depression.

A succession of difficult events and situations had snowballed and led me down a dark path.

While I was working hard and occupying myself in my professional life, I wasn’t aware that my personal life and mental health was deteriorating. In my attempt to suffocate my problems, old social anxieties resurfaced and new ones were created.

Every day I was questioning every aspect of myself, slowly becoming unhinged. During stressful moments I would vent in my little work notebook to keep myself calm, writing my thoughts and doodling until my anxiety attacks subsided. Eventually it became impossible for me repress or ignore my feelings anymore. I was forced to confront my fragility, and acknowledge the state of my mental health.

Photography became my coping mechanism and the ventilation of my stress.

At the time, photography gave me a voice and helped me show my strength when I had none.

These images are the momentos of times where I felt allowed to be myself.

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